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CBD is a natural calming and soothing botanical that over 64 million men and women in the U.S. are already using to help balance their bodies. Now add in the factor that Physique Wellness Water Soluble CBD absorbs 10X faster than other oils, and your body can actually use more than 95% of what it absorbs..... And Physique becomes the only choice in CBD products. 



NOT all CBDs are 

Oil-based CBD cannot be directly absorbed for the body to readily use. Your body must convert the oil-based CBD for absorption to take place. In this process, much of the benefits of the oil-based CBD are lost. This is why Physique Wellness CBD made it our mission to provide high-quality WATER soluble CBD products.


The sublingual advanced NANO-tinctures are made with proprietary water-soluble Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Hemp Oil in a nano-emulsion form. Compared with oil-based tinctures, the nano-tinctures have many more benefits, most important of which are a quicker response time (that’s minutes vs. hours) and higher bioavailability.


That means that you can take less and benefit more. Physique Wellness CBD is not only 95% more absorbent, but it also works 20X faster than oil-based CBD products.  

Physique Wellness water soluble CBD


Physique Wellness CBD ~ Just add to water and go...


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